NEW: Flat White coffee

August 30, 2010

Almost 80% of our customers drink coffee with milk: Americanos- with milk added, Lattes and Cappuccinos.  Our customers know what they like when it comes to their favourite coffee. We are excited to introduce a variation on these all time favourites, a new member to the “coffee with milk – family”: a Flat White.

The drink itself is not new. It is a favourite in Australia and New Zealand for the past decade. The UK has been making Flat Whites for a year now. But what makes a Flat White?

Flat White …

… A double ristretto; more intense than an espresso, made with less water

… With velvety, creamy milk. No froth like in a cappuccino, but smooth flat milk, like in a Latte

…  Served in an 8oz cup; the perfect size for a very special coffee

In two words: SMOOTH & STRONG

To get a good Flat White, it’s important the drink is prepared correctly. That’s why we trained our staff over the summer time how to make the best ‘flattie’ for our customers.

Try our new Flat White and make your mind up. Will the Flat White steal your heart and become one of your favourites or are you happy to know it’s around should you need a smooth and strong coffee…

You tell us. Enjoy heaven in a cup!

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