Insomnia Community Project: Books delivered to coffee farm society and Ethiopian students

July 05, 2012

One of the major problems faced by the education sector in Ethiopia is lack of quality, high student to teacher ratios, under trained teachers and limited teaching materials and text books. Libraries are critical in supporting education and literacy needs of society. Here at Insomnia, we are very happy to have an opportunity to help improve the quality of education through our community projects at the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU).

Thanks to the funds raised during Fairtrade Fortnight for our Insomnia Projects in Ethiopia, 4,000 books have been delivered to the three locations within the Union we’re supporting this month. Namely: Kilenso Rasa, Kilenso Mekonisa and Dimtu Hambela high schools.

We’re proud and happy to share the great news & pictures from the sites with our INSOMNIACs!

Books for Dimtu Hambela school

Books for Dimtu Hambela school

Books for Kilenso Rasa high school

Books for Kilenso Rasa high school

Fairtrade Fortnight & Insomnia’s Projects

Every year during Fairtrade Fortnight we donate five cents for every coffee, tea and hot chocolate sold towards our two nominated Insomnia Community Projects. One is the “Girls empowerment project”, which promotes the full growth and development of female students in all aspects of life and to help respond to the various challenges girls face. Our second project is the “Library support project”, which aims to improve the level of the quality in education through establishing school libraries, for which the 4,000 books, mentioned above have been supplied through the Insomnia donation.

We raised a fantastic € 10,012 during Fairtrade Fortnight 2012. As this is our third consecutive year of donating to our two nominated Insomnia projects in Ethiopia, we have now contributed a total almost of €30,000.

Learn more about Insomnia’s Faitrade Fortnight initiatives and our two nominated projects in Ethiopia in the short video below, or in the link here.

What can you do to help?

Over a year we sell over 6 million Fairtrade cups of coffee and 16 tonnes of Fairtrade chocolate. Isn’t it satisfying to know that by enjoying your favourite coffee you are also supporting a great cause? With the steady and fair business generated by Insomnia, farmers and workers, who produce our products, are enabled to improve their working and living conditions.

Thank You, we could not do it without you!


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