Insomnia Coffee Company launches Payzone contactless payment terminals

November 14, 2012

We are delighted to announce that we will now be providing contactless payment terminals for customers in partnership with Payzone. INSOMNIACs will now be able to wave their contactless payment card in front of the terminal and pay for a cup of coffee in less than a second!

Our Chairman, Bobby Kerr commenting on the launch of the card said:

“Insomnia customers want to get their morning coffee quickly and Payzone’s new contactless payment terminals shorten the transaction time considerably. The majority of transactions in Insomnia are under €15 so this is a service we believe will be very popular with our customers.”

We are always looking to provide all our customers with the most enjoyable and stress free coffee experience and we feel with the help of Payzone and its contactless  payment solutions, this can be done.

For more information on the Payzone contactless payment terminals solutions click here.


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