Here at Insomnia, we’re proud to be an indigenous 100% Irish owned coffee company. It is part of our strategy and customer promise to source locally where possible. That is why we would like you to meet our Irish Suppliers: Jörg Müller, Ciara Byrne, Keogh family, Barry and Bernard Broderick, Ballygowan Irish Natural Mineral Water, John Flahavan, Maurice Power, Ciara Troy & Fred and Juli Lumley.

We hope you enjoy their stories and their products!

MEET Jorg Muller

Jörg Müller, Solaris Herbal Tea from Galway.

Jörg Müller is a qualified Medical Herbalist (BSc) based in Galway. Jörg started to blend herbal teas 10 years ago and developing high quality organic herbal whole leaf tea blends has become more than a hobby since. All teas are blended and packed in Ireland. Amongst other prizes, Solaris has won 12 Great Taste Awards.

It is clear that Solaris Tea at Insomnia is anything but your ordinary cup of tea.

Find out more about Solaris Tea in our news post here, or on their website or Facebook page.

Meet Ciara Byrne

Ciara Byrne, Sweet Things bakery from Smithfield Dublin.

“I have come a long way from baking mud pies in my playhouse to baking in my own bakery “Sweet Things” in Smithfield. I am proud to run this little bakery where myself, Ian, and our team of busy bees spend our days dreaming up new recipes.”

Sweet Thing’s raw materials are sourced locally where possible. Their fruit comes from Smithfield market and Tolka eggs keeps their egg store full.
Sweet Things bake to order for Insomnia. Ciara’s day starts at 4am, so that when you nip into Insomnia for your morning coffee their carrot cake, pecan slice and other Sweet Things treats are ready and waiting for you at their best!

Find out more about Sweet Things in our news post here, or on her blog.

Meet the Keoghs

Keogh’s Crisps are made from 100% Irish potatoes grown and cooked on the Keogh family farm in North Co. Dublin. For 200 years the Keogh family have turned the craft of potato growing into an art. A new generation of the Keogh family now cooks Ireland’s finest Crisps with love using their home grown potatoes.

From Crop to Crisp and then straight to Insomnia!

Trace your bag of crisps back to the exact field they came from with the Spud Nav on www.keoghs.ie!

Find out more about Keogh’s Crisps in our news post here, or on their website or Facebook page.

Meet Bernard and Barry Broderick

We’re proud to introduce to you: Barry and Bernard Broderick; Broderick’s Bars, Walkinstown, Dublin.

Barry and Bernard are the proud Broderick Brothers who began baking in their mammy’s Ina’s Kitchen in Dublin many years ago. During the late 90′s the company see’s itself relocate out of a small commercial bakery into a 6,000 sq.ft fully equipped production facility. Their product range grew with more delicious products added, this saw the need to relocate yet again in 2006 to a 16,000 sq.ft production facility and have been growing ever since, using only the highest quality Belgian chocolate and Irish butter in their products.

Broderick’s today employs 45 people and its handmade products are exported to 13 different countries. As well as providing Insomnia with delectable handmade chocolate bars, they also bake our Brownies, Rocky Road and other treats and goodies for Insomnia.

Find out more about Broderick’s in our news post here, or on their website or Facebook page.

Meet the original Irish Water – Ballygowan

Ballygowan Natural Mineral Water, launched in 1981, is Irelands original and favourite bottled water.

Ballygowan is bottled in Newcastlewest, Co Limerick, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated solely to Ballygowan (the entrance to the bottling plant pictured on the left). The Ballygowan source, discovered by the Knights Templar 800 years ago and originally known as St Davids Well, is deep beneath the picturesque Castle Demesne in the town.  Atlantic rain falls on luscious fields and takes over 750 years to filter through calcium-enriched limestone to join our source underground.  They draw this naturally pure water and put it straight into the bottle.

Ballygowan is a founding member and proud supporter of Love Irish Food and available in Insomnia High Steet stores. Find out more about Ballygowan on their website or Facebook page.

Meet John Flahavan

Flahavan’s is a family business that has been milling quality oats for 200 years at the family mill in Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. Today’s generation is the sixth of the Flahavan family to run the business, one of the oldest private family-owned food companies in Ireland with John Flahavan as Chairman of the company.

A bowl of Flahavan’s every morning provides a nutrient-rich, low-fat and low calorie breakfast that tastes simply delicious. Flahavan’s products are free from artificial colours and additives and are made from 100% wholegrain oats. Flahavan’s porridge is packed with flavour and is the ideal healthy breakfast cereal choice providing energy for the day ahead.

Flahavan’s Porridge is available at Insomnia high street stores.

Flahavan’s is proud to support Love Irish Food.

Find out more about Flahavan’s Porridge Oats on the Flahavan’s website here or facebook page here.

Meet Maurice Power

Maurice Power started work as a pastry chef as a teenager and having qualified at Advanced Pastry through Cathal Brugha St he went on to work in some of Irelands top Restaurants like Les Freres Jacques and The Grey Door Restaurant. After travelling and working abroad for a number of years he returned to Ireland where he began selling his own produce through Mother Redcaps, the café scene in Dublin was starting off and due to the huge demand for his products he decided to start off SoulFood Ltd with his partner Ciara Roche.

SoulFood Ltd deliver to Insomnia stores 7 days a week a range of fresh Patisserie, Breads and Confectionary items. They aim to present to Insomnia customers the highest freshest quality possible on a daily basis  whilst continuously creating new products to help establish Insomnia as the premium coffee chain in Ireland.


Meet Ciara Troy

Ciara Troy, Managing Director, Oishii Foods Ltd. from Smithfield, Dublin.

Ciara set up Oishii Foods in 2006 because she wanted to share her love of Japanese food with a wider audience. Out of their kitchen in Smithfield they make a variety of delicious sushi & Japanese salads – they love to innovate and try new combinations but whatever they make, their focus is always on using the best quality ingredients and to keep their products as fresh as possible. Ciara Troy when asked about working with Insomnia, “We are delighted to be working with Insomnia and to have the opportunity to create an exclusive range to suit their outlets. Oishii means delicious in Japanese, we hope you enjoy our products and think they are ‘oishii’ too!”


Find out in which stores Sushi is available and about our sushi range here. Find out more about Oishii Foods Ltd on their website or Facebook page.



Meet Fred en Julie Lumley


Lumleys bakery: Brother and Sister, Fred and Julie Lumley are our 5th generation bakers from Tullamore. Baking in Dublin since the 1980’s.

They make the most fantastic bespoke Artisan Pastries and Breads for Insomnia Cafes.

Go on, try their Florentine and a Latte…Just Heaven.

Find out more about Lumley’s Bakery on their Facebook page here.




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