Insomnia Coffee Company has been Fairtrade certified for since 2006 and has used 100% Fairtrade certified coffee long before it was fashionable. Since the beginning of 2011 our hot chocolate is 100% Fairtrade certified too. Chairman Bobby Kerr’s visit to Nicaragua in 2008 and Ethiopia in 2009, which cemented the companies ties with the Fairtrade coffee farmers communities.

Why Fairtrade ?

Over a year we sell over 6 million Fairtrade cups of coffee and 16 tonnes of Fairtrade chocolate. With the steady and fair business generated by Insomnia, farmers and workers, from who we source our products, are enabled to improve their working and living conditions. Moreover, Fairtrade encourages environmental protection.

Our coffee is a balanced blend sourced from Indonesia(Sumatra), Peru, Ethiopia Sidamo and India.
Each time you enjoy your coffee you are helping to make poverty history for many people in these countries. Fairtrade certification means that co-operatives get a fair price for their beans, thus allowing them to invest in better salaries, equipment and social projects.

May 2009 –  Peter Gaynor, executive director of Fairtrade Mark Ireland and Bobby Kerr of Insomnia discuss their trip to East Africa.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Since 2009, during the Fairtrade Fortnight we donate 5 cents per hot beverage sold to two nominated Insomnia Projects at the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union in Ethopia (OCFCU), from where we source our high quality Ethiopian Sidamo coffee, which is used in Insomnia’s blend. Read more about our community projects in Ethiopia here.

Thank you, we cannot do it without you!

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