Fairtrade Fortnight: Insomnia's Community Projects

Since 2010 we raised funds during Fairtrade Fortnight by donating for every Fairtrade tea sold. The funds raised are directly donated to two nominated Insomnia Projects at the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union in Ethopia (OCFCU), from where we source our high quality Ethiopian Sidamo coffee, which is used in Insomnia’s blend.

The projects are undertaken in the three locations within the OCFCU, namely: Kilenso Rasa, Kilenso Mekonisa and Dimtu Hambela high schools. The project have an impact on the level of the quality of education and changing attitudes of the society to new ideas and technologies.

Insomnia s two nominated projects:


The OCFCU has realised the importance of girl empowerment in schools and communities. It is demonstrated to be the rightful platform for girls to realise their full potential and to stand against all atrocities targeted at them and to create equality between different genders.

The main purpose of this project is to:

  • Improve gender empowerment in schools while promoting the full growth and development of female students in all aspects of life and to help respond to the various challenges girls face.
  • Girls’ scholarship support provides Bursaries for Government University / College’s and also provides hygiene and school kit support.
  • Improve the awareness level and knowledge base of OCFCU society and school communities on gender related issues.


One of the major problems facing the education sector is the lack of quality that exists, high student teacher ratio, under trained teachers and limited teaching materials and text books.  Libraries are critical in supporting education and literacy needs of the society.

The purpose contributes towards:

  • Improving the level of the quality in education through establishing school libraries for accessing literature, educational and academic work throughout OCFCU society. It is responsible for the provision of recommended Library collection: reference and textbooks, higher education & tertiary texts, childrens story books and audio visual materials etc.
  • Improving the quality level of education in 3 high schools that have 2940 students per year.
  • Improving educational and library facilities suitable for offering quality education for 2940 students 90 teachers & supportive staff.
  • Promoting a reading culture and controlling the unemployed youth.

Bobby Kerr, Chairman Insomnia Coffee Company about our two nominated projects

“I’ve personally visited the Oromia Coffee Farmers in 2010 and was very moved by what I saw. We are embracing the initiative and we are very happy with the opportunity to contribute to better living conditions for farmers and workers by sourcing Fairtrade coffee as well as supporting additional Insomnia Projects at a grass roots level. It is very important to us that our customers can make the connection with the work we are doing in Africa with the coffee they are buying in our stores.”

Thank you, we cannot do it without you!


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