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We value your loyalty. That’s why we are delighted to present Insomnia customers with our ZAPA Tag loyalty programme. ZAPA is an easy way for you to collect points, store coupons and automatically receive discounts all in one place. Read more about Insomnia’s Loyalty Points & Rewards here. The ZAPA Tag allows you to keep all your information on a single tag attached to your mobile phone.


ZAPA Tags are a contactless technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) that tracks all purchases with each tap made. The tags store any loyalty points or coupons earned from your purchases at participating shops, cafes or venues. ZAPA Tags are a convenient way to manage multiple loyalty programmes, prepay accounts, coupons, club memberships and more.


By simply holding your tag 2 – 4 cms away from the ZAPA Tag reader, the ZAPA system is able to identify your tag and allocate points for purchases made. It is after you tap your ZAPA Tag that you may also redeem any discounts or coupons. You can find out if you have any coupons available by logging in to your ZAPA account after registering your ZAPA Tag on http://zapatag.ie/


How do you collect Insomnia loyalty points? It’s easy, follow the ZAPA 1, 2, 3 and you will automatically collect points when you:

zap1. Place your order

2. Tap your ZAPA Tag and collect points and rewards

3. Pay your cashier


Don’t have a ZAPA Tag? No worries, it’s easy and free to sign up.

Ask for a ZAPA Tag in one of our Insomnia coffee shops and stick the tag inside or on the back of your phone.

Please note: A small number of mobile phones have metal covers. If you have placed your tag on the inside of your phone and your mobile has a metal cover this can affect communication between the tag and the reader. Phones with metal covers should always have tags affixed to the outside. If your tag still does not work you may need a new one. Click here for more information on ZAPA Tag placement.

Go to http://zapatag.ie/ to register and protect your tag.

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