Insomnia New Year MenuInsomnia New Year Menu

Insomnia New Year Menu

Kick start the new year the right way with our hot beverages and bakery items. We're bringing back some healthy and vegan items so everyone trying Veganuary - we got you covered! 

Hot Beverages 

We’re shaking things up after our indulgent Christmas drinks by adding some nutrient rich drinks that will have you feeling great! 

Ginger Tea

New year, new drinks, right? Our new infusion Ginger Tea is a spicy and fresh new addition to this year! It is served with a slice of Lemon and it will definitely become one of your favourites soon.


Turmeric Latte

A golden oldie is our Turmeric Latte, due to popular demand we decided to bring it back this year. We have a latte love for turmeric lattes at Insomnia and so this delicious and nutritious "Super Latte" is the perfect January drink. 

This is also a caffeine-free drink and carries the perfect blend of cinnamon and ginger, and coconut blossom sugar for sweetness. This can be made vegan by asking your barista to make it with dairy-free milk. 


Vanilla Matcha Latte

Matcha is made from ground green tea leaves, ours is also mixed with a little vanilla for flavour and will keep you energized the whole day through. Vegan? Just asked for it to be made on dairy-free milk...What's not to love. 



Vegan Millionaire

This delight is a vegan twist on the classic Millionaire. Ours is made with a crunchy base made from peanuts, oats and dates covered in a layer of maple syrup and sweetened dates, and finally finished with a rich vegan chocolate fudge topping. It is as good as it sounds! Why not enjoy it with a cup of coffee made with one of our dairy-free milks for a vegan-licious feast?


 Lemon Honey & Bee Pollen Loaf

This is a new slice of sunshine to the menu. Our lemon, honey and bee pollen loaf cake has a moist crumb texture and a glazed lemon marmalade topping. It's decorated with desiccated coconut and bee pollen pieces. We love this loaf cake as it carries a citrus and sweet flavour, which is complimented by warming honey tones, sharpness from the lemon topping and an added crunch from the coconut and bee pollen pieces. You need to get your hands on this! 

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