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30 Aug2010 Win 500,- Euros with our Flat White ‘Tough Decisions’ competition

We are excited to introduce a new variation on our all time favourites: Americanos, Lattes and  Cappuccinos. A new member to the “coffee and milk – family”; a Flat White. The perfect choice when you're looking for a smooth and strong coffee. Decisions can be tough sometimes, but rewarded by Insomnia now. Send in your "Tough Decisions" picture to info@insomnia.ie  - like some tough decisions made in the Insomnia movie below - before the 1st of October and have the chance to win € 500,- to spend at Insomnia. Have

05 Aug2010 Try our new fresh filled croissants with our Good Morning Deals

We have introduced a range of fresh filled croissants, to be eaten hot or cold. Try them with our good morning deals, at whatever time suits you: With any hot drink for €4,50 (single product € 3,75). Bacon, sausage & free range egg croissant Ham, swiss cheese & apple chutney croissant Mozzarella, tomato & basil pesto croissant (vegetarian) Moreover, our €3,50 deal for any pastry, scone, bagel or toast with spread with any hot drink is back. Also included are our muffins, cupcakes, logs, rocky road & cinnamon bun. Don't skip the most importand
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