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30 Jun2017 Peru Fairtrade Community Project Progress Report

Peru Fairtrade Community Project Progress Report

Insomnia have been involved in Fairtrade Fortnight for the past 8 years, with numerous community projects along the way. We have contributed a total of €92,179 for our various Fairtrade Community Projects during this time.

This year, during Fairtrade Fortnight, we raised €14,305, which will go directly to the ACPC Pichanaki Coffee Cooperative (CAC PICHANAKI ACPC), in Peru, our latest Fairtrade Community Project.

This project

30 Jun2017 Insomnia Struts its Stuff at Walkden

Insomnia Struts its Stuff at Walkden

We're delighted to announce the opening of our latest Insomnia store, which opened today in SPAR Walkden. Walkden, a suburban area of Manchester is now home to its first Insomnia coffee shop, located just off the busy Manchester Road, its ideally located for busy commuters and locals alike. The store itself is fully furnished with comfy seating and a friendly staff, who are excited to welcome

20 Jun2017 Drink Coffee and Keep…Cup!

Drink Coffee and Keep…Cup!

Here at Insomnia, we care about sustainability and also believe that due to the ecological impacts of our daily business is our responsibility to take action (more info here).

As part of our environmental policy we’ve recently launched two new KeepCup designs (12oz and 16oz). If you are a coffee lover and can’t survive without your coffee fixe at least twice a day,

12 Jun2017 Coffee and Music – The perfect blend!

Coffee and Music – The perfect blend!

Summer is all about having fun, relax, ice drinks, music and of course… Summer Festivals, right? At Insomnia Shannon we’re getting all of these under one roof for you!

To get into summer mode we’ll be showcasing some artists who will take part on the SHANNON FESTIVAL 2017 (8th-10th September 2017).

Shannon Gospel Choir will be performing this Thursday at Insomnia

09 Jun2017 Beat the Drums – We are open in Drumcondra

Beat the Drums – We are open in Drumcondra

We’ve just opened our brand-new store in Drumcondra!

Insomnia is the newest addition to this lovely residential area on the North Side of Dublin. Surrounded by interesting sites to visit, the store location (2 Drumcondra Road Upper) is on walking distance to the Botanic Gardens, Croke Park and Griffith Park. 



Drumcondra Resident Rami

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