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28 Jun2021 Explore Summer at Insomnia

Explore Summer at Insomnia

Despite our in-store experience being a little different than normal, we are still committed to giving you your favourite summer drinks and a new and exciting ICECAP! So, although your summer 2021 holiday plans may be put on pause for a while, you can still get into the summer spirit with our delicious ICECAPS, refreshing lemonades and delicious iced tea and granita! We're going back to

07 Jun2021 Kick back and relax in our outdoor areas!

Kick back and relax in our outdoor areas!

We are delighted to have our outdoor seating areas available from today onwards!

Numerous Insomnia stores around the country have lovely outdoor seating areas that we welcome you to come and enjoy during this nice weather.

You can now enjoy your coffee al fresco (with all the safety measures in place) in one of our many stores… So, kick back, relax, and enjoy some

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