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04 Apr2016 5 More Reasons to Love your Morning Coffee!

5 More Reasons to Love your Morning Coffee!

I certainly hope nobody gave up coffee for their New Year resolution 2016. If you did, if you made it this far, congratulations you have amazing willpower and inner strength, but you may want to rethink your decision. For many of us, the thought of a strong double shot latte is the only thing that helps tame the alarm clock in the morning and face the day. As if you didn’t need any more persuasion to have a brew, here are my top 5 reasons why coffee is awesome, and reminding you that a few coffees per day can and should stay firmly put as part of your healthy diet.

Fat Burning

Coffee contains caffeine and other stimulants (one of the reasons we love it so much! Caffeine improves memory, energy levels, mood, and boosts general cognitive function) Caffeine can also boost our resting metabolic rate by about 3-11%. So substances in coffee can actually aid weight loss and enhance the effects of exercise! 

Liver Health

Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis are unfortunately on the rise here in Ireland and England, and it is definitely something to be concerned about. However there is a lot of evidence to suggest my favourite beverage has a protective effect on the liver and decreases rates of both cirrhosis (particularly alcohol related cirrhosis) and liver cancer. Check out the World Cancer Research Fund website and coffeecouncil.ie for more information. Good news!


Protects against Type II Diabetes

There is compelling research which found that coffee can decrease the chances of developing type II diabetes. This is linked to consumption levels, so the logic is, the more you drink the less likely you are to develop this disease. It is worth mentioning that the levels studied where within the “moderate” range of between about 2 and 5 cups per day. Going beyond that on a daily basis could put your health at risk! Studies show that drinking between 3 and 4 cups of coffee a day decreases the risk of developing the condition by a whopping 25%. Another handy fact is that drinking decaffeinated coffee and tea also are associated with lower risk of the disease. Good news for the caffeine sensitive souls!

Lower Risk of Degenerative Diseases

 We all know that coffee has positive effects on our mood, alertness, concentration, learning, and memory - that’s why I invest in my morning coffee. But there really is still so much to learn about the humble coffee bean and its effects on the body. Several recent studies have pointed to caffeine and other anti-  oxidants in coffee and suggest they could have a defensive role in the development of Alzheimer ’s disease. More research is needed to draw conclusions.

 Drinking Coffee linked to Longevity!

 My personal favourite reason to drink coffee forever: Harvard School of Public Health published a recent study through which they found that participants          who drank between 3 and 5 cups per day had about 15% lower risk of premature mortality compared to people who didn’t drink coffee! The mighty bean is packed with a powerful cocktail of nutrients and anti oxidants that we are still learning more about, and it certainly does more than wake me up in the morning!


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