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14 Mar2016 A Massive Thanks To All Our Customers

A Massive Thanks To All Our Customers

A massive thanks to all our customers for their fantastic support this Fairtrade Fortnight!

This is Insomnia's seventh consecutive year being involved in Fairtrade Fortnight, like previous years gone by, five cents from each cup sold goes towards this great cause. We have contributed a total of €77,874 for our various Fairtrade Community Projects.

This year we raised €13,503 for the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania. The funds raised during Fairtrade Fortnight this year and for the past two years,have gone directly to the construction of a student Inrmary and Dispensary for the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania, our nominated Fairtrade project. The project, which started back in February 2014, and raised over €37,182 thus far, aims to effectively take care of students health, ease the school nurses burden of commuting to and from hospitals, while also greatly reduce involving healthy students in nursing the sick and therefore ultimately promote students’ academic performance.

Through funds raised by Insomnia Coffee Company during Fairtrade Fortnight 2014-2015 the Inrmary and Dispensary has been successfully built, this year, the funds raised will go towards the competition of this wonderful project. Ensuring the newly built Inrmary and Dispensary has all the required equipment (medical supplies, blankets and bed sheets) needed to achieve its objective, which is to effectively take care of student’s health. 

The €13,503 raised this year should successfully complete the final stages of this project. Over the past 7 years of our involvement in Fairtrade Fortnight we have contributed a total of €77,874 on the various community projects.

Choose Fairtrade Ireland and change the world one purchase at a time!


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