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02 Jun2016 Blanchardstown we have arrived!

Blanchardstown we have arrived!

Blanchardstown is the largest urban area in the county and now it has its very own Insomnia cafe!

Elizabeth our store manager was on site with her new "Blanch" team setting up the store to welcome new customers. Elizabeth says that she loves working for Insomnia and has been with us for 6 years. Originally from Romania, Elizabeth hopes to receive her Irish passport in the coming weeks.  She also admitted that shes slightly "addicted to our coffee". She told us she is very excited about her new store here in Blanchardstown and is looking forward to working with her current and new staff. Her coffee of choice is a flat white – once the barista finishes it off with a heart!

Jovita our supervisor is originally from Lithuania and has been part of the Insomnia family for 6 years also. Living in Clonsilla, shes a neighbour of Blanchardstown and knows the area well. Joviata thinks that now that Insomnia has opened in Blanchardstown it "is a big opportunity to bring the locals together and create a community vibe." If she had a power it would to be able to fly!

Our two Blanchardstown baristas are Sorin and Eliana - both with exceptional latte art skills. Sorin, originally from Romania, is now a "Blanchardtownie" as he lives in the area. He believes Insomnia is a unique coffee company serving the best coffee around. Like the other staff, he too is looking forward to meeting the locals both old and new. If Sorin was given a super power he would like to be able to read peoples minds!

Eliana is originally from New Zealand. She was a regular customer but wanted to spend more time with us, so she joined the Insomnia clann 2 years ago. Eliana loves the fact that Insomnia is an Irish company and provides so many jobs around the country. The ability to fly would be her ultimate super power.

It goes without saying that there is a wealth of experience among the new Blanchardstown team - make sure to test their latte art skills by asking for your favourite design to top off your favourite hot beverage!


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