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29 Apr2016 Coffee & Fashion: The perfect blend

Coffee & Fashion: The perfect blend

Dullness has been the order of the past few months with incessant rain and dark clouds dampening the mood but SkyCourt Shopping Centre had a plan to brighten up the atmosphere in the mall by devoting three hours of colour and style to the centre. Insomnia @ Shannon were delighted to host the first fashion show at 12 noon yesterday.

With the backing of SkyCourt retailers and the assistance of the Holman Lee Model Agency, models walked the isles of Insomnia delighting shoppers and diners with a dazzling array of style provided by SASH Ladies Fashions, LifeStyle Sports, Gleeson Jewellers, Pulse Accessories and Marcos Footwear. 

Announcing this unique event, SkyCourt manager Pat Kelly thanked the retailers and food outlets for supporting the concept, which is a new undertaking at the shopping centre.

“It’s a ‘flash mob fashion event’,” says Kelly. “We’ve never done anything like this before but we said ‘why not try something new?' Shoppers can sit back, sip a cuppa, have their lunch, and watch the latest fashions pass by. 

“We decided to hold it just before the Bank Holiday to get people in the mood for their break, which hopefully, will be sunny and they can cast off their winter blacks and don some bright, summer colours."

This Coffee and Style day was the perfect start to the long weekend. The show was enjoyed by a large audience on the day, with some spectators watching from outside the shop as there were such big crowds. There were also spot prizes and giveaways throughout the day. Clare FM were there for the day broadcasting the event liev on their radio.


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