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18 Jul2016 Coffee is your best gym buddy!

Coffee is your best gym buddy!

So why should we combine coffee to our gym workout? Caffeine is believed to have both physical and mental benefits for athletes before training. Check out our top benefits below!

Accelerates Fat Loss:

Having coffee before your workout helps burn fat faster! Fat cells can be used as an energy source instead of glycogen. Caffeine also increases your metabolism – making you burn more calories throughout the day!

Increase Performance:

Studies show that caffeine can reduce your perceived level of exertion by more than 5%, as well as improving exerciser performance by more than 11%. 


Black coffee increases our mental focus, which increases our productivity and effectiveness of our gym session.

Muscle Preservation:

Coffee triggers a mechanism in your brain that releases a growth factor which supports the neuromotor – the most critical element in your muscle. Therefore coffee helps maintains youthful muscle tissue. Scientists have found that drinking coffee before a high intensity workout reduces perceived muscle pain. This means caffeine helps you push yourself more while exercising and therefore improving muscle strength.

Improved micro-circulation:

Research discovered that no regular coffee drinkers experienced a 30% boost in capillary blood flow after drinking 5 ounces of regular coffee. Improved blood circulation improves oxygenation of your tissues which may boost your exercise performance. 

So to gain that extra edge in your training, coffee might just be the perfect companion.


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