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18 May2017 Deansgrange Enterprise Town: A warm welcome from the community!

Deansgrange Enterprise Town: A warm welcome from the community!

Insomnia took part on the Enterprise Town Community event that took place last Saturday, May 13th, in Deansgrange. This Bank of Ireland initiative aims to promote local businesses while involving the community with all the town has to offer.

Dominik Roman, our store manager in Deansgrange was delighted with this initiative and with the chance to bring a taste of Insomnia’s to the residents, he says “Visitors were delighted to see Insomnia there, it was a very busy and successful event”.

Numerous families showed up on the day to show their support to the local businesses, Leinster Rugby’s Rob Kearney & Robbie Henshaw were also present to show their support.


This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce Insomnia to the community and interact with local businesses, Dominik says “The resident’s feedback was extremely positive, visitors were amazed to see Insomnia in a local event and couldn’t be happier to be welcomed with our coffee and cake in the morning!”.

Insomnia has been involved in some of the most recent BOI local events, taking these as an opportunity to give back to the local communities across the country. 


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