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15 May2018 Double shot of coffee in Sligo!

Double shot of coffee in Sligo!

Today we’ve opened our second Insomnia store in Sligo!

Capital of the Northwest region and one of Ireland’s largest towns, Sligo sees a new Insomnia Coffee Shop opening today following the first opening in 2016 (Quayside SC).

Located in O’Connell Street, in the heart of the city and just across the street from Penneys, this is one of the most spacious Insomnia shops, with more than 60 seats and plenty of space to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

Another great addition to the new Sligo Insomnia shop is the “kids corner”, allowing parents to enjoy their coffee while their kids play safely.

Aline, our Insomnia Quayside store manager, will be managing both shops in Sligo from now on. Aline is thrilled for the new opening, “I’m really happy to see another Insomnia store opening in Sligo, it’s an amazing town, full of life, I’m sure it will be the perfect place for locals to catch up while in town!”. Aline has been working with Insomnia for 8 years and moved from Dublin to Sligo “I have only good things to say about Sligo, the people are nice and friendly”.

Cormac and Veronica have started just a few weeks ago with Insomnia and can’t wait to start serving the new customer in O’Connell Street.

George, who has been working in Insomnia Quayside for a while, is now the new trainee supervisor for Insomnia O’Connell St. and he is delighted to start in the new shop, “I love the fact that the new store is so central and big”.


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