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20 Jun2017 Drink Coffee and Keep…Cup!

Drink Coffee and Keep…Cup!

Here at Insomnia, we care about sustainability and also believe that due to the ecological impacts of our daily business is our responsibility to take action (more info here).

As part of our environmental policy we’ve recently launched two new KeepCup designs (12oz and 16oz). If you are a coffee lover and can’t survive without your coffee fixe at least twice a day, can you imagine the difference of a KeepCup can make in the world?

The KeepCup is embraced all over the world, avoiding millions of disposable cups daily. When you drink Insomnia’s coffee in a KeepCup your reducing the landfill by saving all the disposable paper cups.

We are so committed with our “Reduce and Reuse” moto but we cannot do it without you – that’s why we reward you with 10 extra beans to your Insomnia Treats account every time you bring your Insomnia KeepCup or any other reusable cup into participating Insomnia high street stores.


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