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We have just opened our doors in East Wall, an inner-city residential area in Dublin 3 that is also close to some of the busiest business and financial areas of the city.

Laura, our Store Manager lives in Dublin 3 and is confident that the new store will be a fantastic addition to the area “There’s a nice cinema close-by and 3 Arena is just around the corner, also the people are nice and everyone is willing to help when needed”. Laura is excited to lead the new team and when it comes to coffee she shared “my favourite is the Chai Latte - “it has a unique taste, but I’m sure the local favourite will be the Americano, everyone loves a good premium coffee!”.

Kate and Vanessa, our baristas, are both from the North side of Dublin and they share the same thoughts about the store location and the local community “people here in East Wall are very friendly, we’re looking forward to giving them a warm welcome to Insomnia!”.

The SPAR East Wall Insomnia store is spacious with an array of seating available, fitted with our new look design, giving the store a very welcome and comfortable feel. If you are in the area, feel free to pop in and say hello and get your Insomnia coffee served with a smile, by our kind friendly barista's.

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