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06 Sep2018 Insomnia’s new Autumn flavours

Insomnia’s new Autumn flavours

Leaves falling can only mean that Autumn is calling! The schools are back, days are getting cooler and the evenings are getting shorter which can only mean that the Autumn season has finally arrived and it's time for some new menu updates at Insomnia. We know you'll want to treat yourself as the seasonal changes kick in, that's why we're thrilled to be releasing some amazing new products this September. Autumn is all about warming up with a hot drinks on a cool, crisp morning, relaxing with a book while sipping on a coffee, catching up with friends after the summer holidays and having a well earned treat after the kids go back to school. To find out more about Insomnia's new products launching in September read on...

Insomnia's Autumn Hot Beverages

Pumpkin Pie Latte & Cappuccino

Made with a double shot of premium Fairtrade espresso, mixed together with our pumpkin pie syrup makes for a spicy, sweet & sippable autumnal hot beverage! 

Blackberry Hot Chocolate

Made with melted Belgian milk chocolate and steamed milk, our hot chocolate is one of our most popular hot beverages, and this autumn season see's the introduction of a new flavour - the Blackberry Hot Chocolate. Enjoy your hot chocolate with a berrilicious twist as we blend blackberry syrup through the melted chocolate before topping it up with steamed milk. Add marshmallows, chocolate flakes or fresh cream for no extra charge.

Blue Latte (made with Oat Drink)

As always we like to keep a little surprise up our sleeve, and this September we want to introduce you to the Blue Latte. Made with Oatly, an oat-based, dairy-free milk alternative. The blue comes from a blend of butterfly pea flower powder, ginger and coconut blossom sugar, while the Oatly brings through a rich, oaty flavour. The Blue Latte is caffeine and dairy-free, making it a drink you will want to sit with, sip and enjoy. 


Caramel Tiffin

This indulgent treat has a soft biscuit base loaded with caramel, drizzled with caramel and small caramel chunks to top it off. It's every caramel lover's dream!

Caramel and Pretzel Fudge Bar

Made with an oat base, fudgey centre and pretzels on the top for a bit of a crunch these caramel and pretzel fudge bars are a sweet, filling treat new to the menu this Autumn.

Apple & Blackberry Tartlet

There's nothing like a freshly baked apple pie in the Autumn and we've gone one better for you this year. These mini apple and blackberry tartlets are a classic autumnal bakery delight and perfect for an afternoon treat. Inside the soft, crumbly pastry you'll find a sweet blend of apple and blackberry filling, powdered with icing sugar to finish.

Autumn Food for Life Range

Pulled Ham & Mustard Blaa

Our chefs have put together this amazing sandwich especially with the Autumn season in mind. Made with the freshest Waterford Blaa and a filling of tender pulled ham and dijon mustard, topped with fresh watercress. It tastes as good as it sounds.

Toasted Chicken Quesadilla

Enjoy a melting mouthful of deliciousness with our brand new Chicken Quesadilla, it's the perfect lunch when you're looking for something to warm you up on a cold day. It's bursting with spicy flavours and contains chicken, cheese, peppers,  jalapenos for an extra bit of spice. Enjoy the chicken quesadilla on it's own or with a coffee as part of our in our meal deal offer.


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