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05 Sep2017 Fall in Love with Insomnia’s New Autumn Range

Fall in Love with Insomnia’s New Autumn Range


September just started and it seems that those long summer days are gone, the cooler days are back and some changes in the closet are much needed to get ready for the crispy air season! For those who love the scarfs, the leaves falling and the opportunity for lazy Sundays in bed, this might be the best season of all, but if you already miss the summer we feel the need to cheer you up with some new treats! In this case we have something that will please both state of minds: our entire new Autumn Collection menu with an irresistible selection of food and drinks.

After the success of our Summer range the bar was raised when it comes to surprises and delicious drinks but we’ve managed to keep some tricks up our sleeves and present you some new and original autumn flavours! We have three new drinks launching this September: Pumpkin Pie Latte/Cappuccino, Mint Hot Chocolate and the Spiced Apple Tea. Did we catch your attention? Here’s more…


To go along with the cooler weather and crunchy leaves, a soul-warming drink is all you need to get through a perfect Autumn day! When we think about Autumn some of the first things that pop into our minds is pumpkin, hot chocolate and spiced flavours… and that’s exactly what we’ve prepared for you!

Pumpkin Pie Latte / Cappuccino

Made with a double shot of premium Fairtrade espresso, mixed together with our pumpkin pie syrup makes for a spicy, sweet & sippable autumnal hot beverage!

Mint Hot Chocolate

At Insomnia we are quite proud of our hot chocolate, made with real melted milk chocolate and steamed milk, it’s one of our most popular hot beverages, and this autumn season see's the introduction of our new Mint Hot Chocolate, which is a little treat finished with whipped cream on top and chocolate sprinkles... it’s the perfect autumn treat!

Apple Spiced Tea

A warm and delicious combination of autumn flavours into just one cup of tea. If you like apple, spices and lemon you’ll love this one!


Sure, hot drinks are great, but they go much better accompanied with a sweat treat! This autumn’s tasty treats won’t disappoint you, the only negative thing is that it’s hard to pick just one…

Coconut and Chocolate Brownie

This Coconut and chocolate brownie is the ultimate indulgent treat, a dark chocolate brownie topped with a layer of creamy white and dark chocolate with coconut flakes - It’s simply impossible to resist!

Blueberry Jammy Joey

A sweet Madeira bun with blueberry jam filling coated with jam and coconut sprinkles.

Biscoff Sponge Slice

A delicious and moist sponge slice, topped with Biscoff biscuit spread and crumbs. Perfect for everyone who loves Biscoff biscuits!


So, there you have our new September bakery but surely a tasty lunch would be great too. This Autumn we introduce you three delicious sandwiches full of autumn flavours and two of them are Vegetarian too…

Avocado and Egg Wrap

A hearty and healthy breakfast option with sliced avocado, spiced omelette, tomatoes and a slice of red cheddar on a spinach tortilla wrap. We recommend getting it toasted for an amazing ‘Mmmm’ effect.

Cajun Spiced Chicken & Bacon Flat Bread

Cajun spiced chicken, streaky bacon, sliced tomatoes and a slice of cheddar cheese served in a flat bread with some mustard style BBQ sauce, sounds good and tastes even better!

Aubergine and Falafel Moroccan Wrap

Our latest vegetarian option this Autumn is our roasted aubergine, falafel, red onion, carrot and fresh coriander spinach wrap with Moroccan dressing. 


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