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02 Feb2018 Help the environment and get rewarded!

Help the environment and get rewarded!

At Insomnia, we care about sustainability and we are constantly working on new initiatives and solutions to reduce the ecological impacts of our daily business.

As part of our sustainability initiatives for 2018, we are rewarding our customers with 20 extra beans (=20 cents discount in Ireland / 20 pence discount UK) on their Treats loyalty account every time any reusable cup is used in our participating stores!

We are putting every effort towards acting sustainably and we want to encourage our customers to join us in this journey, and that’s why when you make your first purchase of an Insomnia Keep Cup we will also offer you one free coffee!

The Insomnia Keep Cup is available in two different sizes, tall or grande, and can be purchased in any participating Insomnia store. 


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