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25 Feb2019 Help Us to Improve the Lives of the             Manizales Coffee Cooperative

Help Us to Improve the Lives of the                  Manizales Coffee Cooperative

Each year during Fairtrade Fortnight we support a nominated Insomnia Community project and donate 5 cents from each hot beverage sold during that period. To date we have raised €107,389.

In 2019, all funds raised between February 25th and March 10th, will go directly to the Manizales Coffee Cooperative in Colombia. This years’ project is very special to the Insomnia team as we source our Voyager Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee from the Colombian cooperative. 

The cooperative produce our Medium Roast which provides a sweeter taste, it is balanced with both acidity and sugar and has notes of dark chocolate, malt, red fruit and a little squeeze of grapefruit.  We recommend that it is served as a Flat White or tall sized coffee.   

The Manizales Coffee Growers' Cooperative was founded on 22 August 1960 with the aim of providing coffee producers fair prices, cash payment and fair weight when buying and selling coffee. Today, with 59 years of experience, the cooperative ensures the collective interests of its members by providing commercial and social programmes and services to improve the quality of life of farmers and their families. The social programmes include pensions, an education programme, health services and funeral grants. Members of the cooperative have adopted the practices set out in the Fairtrade codes of conduct. 

"For our cooperative it is very important to establish relationships with customers interested in supporting the Fairtrade initiative, which improves the living conditions of our coffee families".
- Manizales Coffee Cooperative

The total amount raised during these two weeks will be used to; 
• Provide eco-efficient cookers and kitchens to families and improve coffee quality conditions at farm level.
• Improve health and living conditions of cooperative members and their families
• Aid environmental protection; resulting in a reduction in the demand for wood to a sustainable level
• Empower women at farm level

None of this will be possible without your support, so please join us this year and help us improve the lives of the Manizales Coffee Cooperative and their families.


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