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09 Jun2017 Beat the Drums – We are open in Drumcondra

Beat the Drums – We are open in Drumcondra

We’ve just opened our brand-new store in Drumcondra!

Insomnia is the newest addition to this lovely residential area on the North Side of Dublin. Surrounded by interesting sites to visit, the store location (2 Drumcondra Road Upper) is on walking distance to the Botanic Gardens, Croke Park and Griffith Park. 



Drumcondra Resident Rami who was the Manager at Insomnia Montrose, is now leading the team here and couldn’t be happier, she’s passionate about social media and her creativity skills are always put to good use on her latte art!

“We’re all thrilled to be part of the local community in Drumcondra! Customers were delighted to visit us this morning for a fresh cup of coffee.”, says Rami.


Tamara and Rose have also been working with us for a while too and are very enthusiastic about this new challenge. 

When it comes to the layout and design of the store, it was built around natural materials and earthy tones and includes some of the newest Insomnia’s contemporary design features such as the vintage tea cup clock with cups bought from second hand shops in the liberties. 

Whether you live in the area or just going for a stroll during the weekends, we’re more than welcome to have you now in Insomnia Drumcondra!


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