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09 Oct2017 Insomnia Coffee spreads its wings!

Insomnia Coffee spreads its wings!

We are thrilled to have opened last week our first Northern Ireland store!

Harry O’Kelly, Insomnia’s Coffee Company chief executive, said “We are delighted to open in Belfast. It’s a very special opening for me as it is our first store in Northern Ireland.”

The store is part of a new forecourt area in the busy Belfast International Airport, this new development aims to provide more offer to passengers and airport visitors (…and we do offer more than just great coffee)!

For those who want to get their coffee fix before their flight or just catch up with the family on their arrival, we’ve created a perfect coffee oasis with ample seating options and great ambiance!
The store’s design reflects our coffee heritage whilst also taking and combining inspiration from vintage tea shops and industrial urban lofts.

Sarah, our store Manager is delighted and exited to lead her team as she set big goals for the store. The team is very excited to be part of Insomnia’s first opening in Northern Ireland and look forward to serving Belfast a good cup of Fairtrade coffee! 


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