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26 Feb2016 Insomnia Fairtrade Project - Hekima Girls School, Tanzania

Insomnia Fairtrade Project - Hekima Girls School, Tanzania

The Construction of an Infirmary & Dispensary for the Hekima Girls School, Tanzania

The funds raised during Fairtrade Fortnight this year and for the past two years, have gone directly to the construction of a student Infirmary and Dispensary for the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania, our nominated Fairtrade project.

The project, which started back in February 2014, and raised over €23,679 thus far, aims to effectively take care of students health, ease the school nurses burden of commuting to and from hospitals, while also greatly reduce involving healthy students in nursing the sick and therefore ultimately promote students’ academic performance.

Hekima Girls School Background

The Hekima Girls School is located in the rural village Kashozi, 12 km NW of Bukoba town.

The school was primarily set-up to rescue young women by providing them with quality education especially those from poor economic backgrounds who would otherwise be faced with hostile cultural, economic, academic and social injustices.

One of the most pressing challenges is looking after students health, on average, 20 students are treated for Malaria each week, needing bed rest of 2 to 3 days.

The new Infirmary will house 10 students, 1 nurse’s bedroom, a small simple kitchen and dining room, a pharmacy, a laboratory and examination room.

The infirmary will combat Malaria and other diseases, minimize the possibility of students being infected with other illnesses by patients outside the school and providing the school nurse ample time and space to take care of all the sick students so healthy students can  concentrate on their studies.

This project would not have been possible without the continuous help and support of our customers throughout the past two Fairtrade Fortnights, it is through the money raised each year that we find ourselves at the finishing stages of this wonderful project.

The Funds raised during Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 will be used to successfully complete the final stages of this project, a project which began back in 2014; 

January 2014 – Project Gets the Green Light

Construction of a student Infirmary and Dispensary at the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania gets all the green light – and the project is underway.

February 2014 – Fairtrade Fortnight raises €11,648

During Fairtrade Fortnight, Insomnia donates 5 cents from every Fairtrade Beverage sold. The money raised goes directly to the construction of the Infirmary and Dispensary at the Hekima Girls School, this year’s Insomnia Fairtrade Project

November 2014 – Site Works & Setting Up

Contractors arrive to begin the initial stages of the build, these include; clearing the site, setting out the building and establishing a datum level.

December 2014 – Rain, Rain Go Away – Bad Weather puts a Halt on Proceedings

Preparations and construction works were delayed due to unexpected rains throughout the month of December.



January 2015 – Ground Breaking

Foundation construction work begins, with the trench being dug out and some of the basic local and industrial supplies being purchased and transported to the site.




February 2015 – Fairtrade Fortnight Raises €12,031

The construction of the Infirmary and Dispensary at the Hekima Girls School continued as Insomnia’s Fairtrade Project for the 2nd year, with 5 cents from every Fairtrade Beverage sold being donated towards its completion.

March 2015 – We’ve Got Mail

Sr. Esther, Headmistress at the Hekima Girls School provides an update for us:

“We continue to thank Insomnia Coffee Company and all friends form Fairtrade Ireland. We are proceeding well with the infirmary project at the Hekima Girls Secondary School”

The foundation excavation, concrete, wall, beam and backfilling are all nearing completion.

June 2015 – Taking Shape

Through the donations raised during Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 the whole superstructure, including the walls, upper ring beam and roofing have all been completed and the building is starting to take shape.





July 2015 – Raising the Roof

Finishing work has started with floor concrete already laid; and plastering and ceiling work ongoing.



September 2015 – Happy Farmers, Happy Customers, Happy Planet

We receive a message from Export Manager of Kagera Cooperative Union, John Kanjagaile

“May I please say thanks to Insomnia Coffee Company for the great assistance rendered towards construction of the Infirmary/Dispensary at Hekima Girls Secondary School.”

“We promise to continue sending the Fairtrade coffees and to ensure that the Fairtrade idea, which started as a small stream, continues growing into a very big Fairtrade river.”

“Best Wishes”

“John Kanjagaile”

January 2016 – Into the Home Stretch Now!

The build is complete and the Infirmary will start to provide medical services to students in the coming weeks once they return from their Christmas break.

The majority of equipment has been purchased and assembled. Sr. Esther believes that the Dispensary will serve many people and support health in the area for years to come.

February 2016 – Fairtrade Fortnight 29th Feb – 13th March

During this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, 5 cents from every Fairtrade Beverage sold will be donated to the Hekima Girls School, ensuring the newly built Infirmary and Dispensary has all the required equipment (medical supplies, blankets and bed sheets) needed to achieve its objective, which is to effectively take care of student’s health.

Check out the video below to see the construction so far!




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