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27 Feb2017 Insomnia Fairtrade Project - Youth Centre in Peru

Insomnia Fairtrade Project - Youth Centre in Peru

Insomnia Fairtrade Community Projects

Every year, since 2009, we have taken part in Fairtrade Fortnight, where a percentage from each hot beverage sold is donated to our nominated Insomnia Community projects. Thus far, we have raised over £65,735 for these nominated community projects.  

Our last project, which started back in February 2014, raising over £31,916, saw the construction of a student Infirmary and Dispensary for the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania, where malaria is a big issue. The objective for this project was to take care of student’s health, ease the school nurses burden of commuting to and from hospitals, while also greatly reduce involving healthy students in nursing the sick and therefore ultimately promote students’ academic performance. Construction of the infirmary was completed late 2016.

Looking Ahead

With the completion of the Infirmary in Hekima girls school, Insomnia have moved quick to select our latest Fairtrade Community Project. The funds raised through Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 will go directly to the ACPC Pichanaki Coffee Cooperative (CAC PICHANAKI ACPC), in Peru.

The project aims to raise funds towards the construction of a Youth Centre for young members and the children of members and workers involved in production of Fairtrade certified coffee in Peru.

  • Have a local centre which will facilitate the training of young coffee growers in the Junin region, with a view to including youth in the coffee business”
  • Develop events, courses in technical training and business management for young members of the coffee organisations, including women.”
  • Develop cultural events for youth

ACPC Pichanaki Agrarian Coffee Cooperative

ACPC Pichanaki Agrarian Coffee Cooperative is an organisation of 302 coffee producers (64 women and 238 men). Founded 15 years ago, it became Fairtrade certified in 2009 and now sells its coffee to Canada, the US and throughout Europe, continually improving its quality and sustainability. As part of its effort to ensure its future, the cooperative believes that it is essential to involve its young members and the children of its members, encouraging their commitment to the organisation. To this end, it is keen to build a training centre to improve and professionalise the training of its members in tasks such as pruning, seed management, pest and disease assessment, waste water management, quality control, coffee roasting, barista training and business management.

The immediate beneficiaries will be 100 young coffee farmers and children of members and workers in ACPC Pichanaki coffee cooperative and 10 other small coffee cooperatives in the Junin region.


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