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14 Nov2016 Insomnia in Parnell

Insomnia in Parnell

We have just opened our doors on Parnell Street. Home to The Ambassador Theatre and The Gate Theatre, while The Garden of Remembrance, Dublin Writers museum and the Hugh Lane Gallery are all on the north side of the street. 

The area is a central spot for shopping with the Ilac Shopping Centre - which is the city's oldest shopping centre and the recently built Moore Street mall.

Romena wanted to work for Insomnia because he is a big fan of the brand and the quality of the coffee. Hes delighted to be leading the new team, and their is a great group of passionate and skilled baristas on board. He has to admit that coffee isnt his favourite drink as he has a soft spot for Chai latte. Originally from Romania he is now living in Beaumont, not too far from the city. He spends a lot of his spare time in the gym and cycling - and so would one day love to become a food nutritionist. 

Lucas, our first barista is originally from Poland, living in Santry. His favourite coffee is cappuccino. He personally thinks that the Insomnia Rocky Road will be a favourite among the Parnell locals. His dream is to one day become a music producer making his own music!

Mara, our second barista is originally from Brazil and is now living in Beaumont. Her favourite coffee is a decaf cappuccino with soya milk. Everyone raves about the hot chocolate, so she has no doubt that that will be the local fave! In five years time she hopes to own her own Insomnia store. Also an avid gym goer, Mara likes to travel and spend time with her friends while shes not at work.

We completely kitted out our new Parnell store with some new stylish and funky furniture to make sure your visit is as comfortable as it can be - giving you plenty of different options. If you're in the area, be sure to call in and meet Romena and the rest of the team!


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