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19 May2017 Insomnia Invites You To Brunch

Insomnia Invites You To Brunch

Brunch ICECAP 

HB is teaming up with Insomnia to bring a classic taste this summer with the launch of the new BRUNCH ICECAP which is headlining Insomnia’s ICECAP menu.   


Insomnia have recreated the delicious Brunch flavour in the new BRUNCH ICECAP, a drink that is topped with a sprinkling of the Brunch crumbly biscuit over a smooth vanilla and strawberry blended frappe. Made to order, the Insomnia ICECAP range is highly popular, delicious to taste and the fastest way to refresh this summer.

Launching instore on the 19th May, the BRUNCH ICECAP will attract ice-cream and flavour lovers – a classic summer taste with every sip!  Retailing at €4.20, the BRUNCH ICECAP will be a favourite with Insomnia customers this summer.

Brunch is one of Ireland’s best-loved ice-creams. Made by HB, which was founded by the Hughes Brothers in 1926, the pink and white crumbed wonder is unique to Ireland. Its vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice-cream with crumbly biscuit coating has been delighting fans, counting some celebrities amongst them, since the 1960’s.


Supported by a strong inhouse campaign there will be Facebook competitions for BRUNCH ICECAP vouchers, t-shirts, deckchairs and more! Tag #LoveBeingAdventerous and follow the Insomnia Facebook or Instagram page to find out more.


If that wasn’t enough, Insomnia are introducing an array of delicious summer inspired patisserie products for you to treat yourself to. What’s not to love about Insomnia Summer 2017!


Also, featuring in the line-up is our OREO ICECAP – a firm favourite combination of the cookie, mixed with ice, milk and topped with cream with added OREO Crumbs. 


The Caramel Latte ICECAP is perfect for Insomnia Coffee lovers that enjoy their expresso but want to savour that summer feeling.  Made from blended frappe it contains a mix of espresso, vanilla, milk and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Mango & Cream ICECAP joined the ICECAP family just two years ago and has proved a very popular addition.  The base is a Mango smoothie and Vanilla Frappe blended with Ice and topped with whipped cream.


Also on the summer menu is our range of summer bakery, salads and sandwiches, all available in the competitive Insomnia meal deal promotion.


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