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11 Feb2019 Insomnia Love Stories

Insomnia Love Stories

Love is in the air at Insomnia! We all know that coffee brings people together, either for a catch up with friends or for a first date even… Insomnia started serving coffee 20 years ago and throughout the years it became the place where many people met their best friends or their loved ones.

This Valentine’s day we’ve asked our employees to share their Insomnia Love Stories and we’ve received three heart-melting love stories of couples of met at Insomnia or are somehow linked with Insomnia – we hope these will inspire you this Valentine’s day!

Katherine Hennessy – Store Manager in Insomnia Rugby UK

“Lawrence is the older brother of one of my baristas, Gracey.  I officially met Lawrence in August last year when he visited Gracey at work. Gracey and I were making coffees when I noticed Lawrence in the queue, and I started joking with her about how cute her brother was! He sat with Gracey on her lunch break and when she returned, she commented that Lawrence had asked if I was talking to anyone and for her to make a "good impression" of him! We arranged our first date for that week. Fast forward to 6 months down the line, we have just moved into our first place together. I am happier than I have ever been and very grateful for Insomnia (and Gracey) for bringing us together!!”

Helen Byrne – Store Manager in Insomnia Drogheda

“My husband and I are married 21 years on Valentine's day. We meet 29 years ago and my first ever coffee was 5 years ago at Insomnia - I never liked coffee but that day I was feeling really tired and my husband suggested I have a coffee so I did and I loved it! About a year or so later I went for a job interview in Insomnia and got the job and now I manage the Drogheda store! Insomnia has been a big part of my life ever since. My husband’s name is Martin and he is a big coffee fan. We have one son, Brad, and he worked for Insomnia for a while too and loved it, he is a big fan of the hot chocolate!”


Rositsa Nedelcheva (Training Coordinator) & Bobby Nedelchev (Retail Partner Regional Manager)

“We met 14 years ago at a train station in Bulgaria. We had been going to the same university without knowing it, until that day - at the train station. It wasn’t until 6 months later, when we saw each other again over a cup of coffee and just then we started dating. Bobby has always dreamed of living abroad, that’s how the idea of coming to Ireland was born. Without putting too much thought in it, we packed and decided to give it a go. Arrived in Dublin this month 12 years ago. We’re so fortunate to have been part of the Insomnia family since, before even starting a family of our own. And here we are today, 12 years later, celebrating life together and celebrating life with Insomnia. So grateful for everything that has come our way throughout all these years but if we were to pick one highlight of our time together, that would undeniably be our precious daughter!”


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