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13 Sep2019 Insomnia Now Open in Debenhams Redditch

Insomnia Now Open in Debenhams Redditch

It’s shopping season at Insomnia as we open another Debenhams store outlet in Redditch, UK! We are thrilled with our new outlet which allows customers to shop til’ they drop and then fuel up with coffee.

This new outlet is located in Debenhams within the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch on Walford Walk.

We currently have a team of 3 in store, led by our new store manager Timothy Davies who has two and a half years’ experience within the industry and is looking forward to serving his new customers all their new favourite beverages.

He is accompanied by Amy and Hannah, new to Insomnia, who have been working extremely hard to get the store up and ready for our opening!

The store is a relaxed and laid back outlet with comfortable seating providing a welcoming pit stop for shoppers needing to unwind after a shopping spree. The store has many quirky touches including an oldschool Coffee cinema sign, a vintage tea cup clock with the cups sourced from second hand stores in Dublin.

We are excited to be serving our new Autumn menu in store, which consists of our Speculoos Biscuit ICECAP, Salted Caramel Gold Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie Latte and Cappuccino and Golden Turmeric Pumpkin Latte. We also have a new bakery range available: Carrot Cake, Treacle Tart, Vegan Caramel Apple Betty and Lemon and Blackcurrant Drizzle Slice. We hope to see you soon! 


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