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03 Sep2015 Insomnia Tackles The UK With First Store In Rugby

Insomnia Tackles The UK With First Store In Rugby

Insomnia @ Debenhams Opens In Rugby

Our exciting new partnership with leading international retailer Debenhams, which was announced earlier this year, signifying plans to open a number of outlets across the UK and Ireland, has today seen us open our doors to the first UK Insomnia store, located in Rugby.  We are enormously proud of this attainment, which marks a high point for all associated with Insomnia, when you look back through the history and where we started out, in a Galway bookstore almost two decades ago. “2015 is proving to be a very exciting year for Insomnia” said Insomnia CEO, Harry O’Kelly. “We have added another high street retailer to our concession partner portfolio – Debenhams. Debenhams is a leading international brand with 240 locations across 28 countries so this is a partnership we are very excited about. Insomnia will be introduced to the UK this month in our first Debenhams barista site in Rugby, with more store openings planned later in the year. We are continuing to expand and grow with no signs of slowing down.”      

 The store itself provides a spacious seating area, cosy with a relaxed atmosphere, features common in our latest stores. Insomnia at Debenhams, Rugby, will offer tired customers the chance to properly unwind with a cup of our finest premium coffee after a hard day’s shopping. The Insomnia team have been hard at work the past number of weeks, ensuring every last detail was being looked after, ahead of today’s official opening.        The first Insomnia coffee was served this morning once we had opened at 10am, and Martin, Insomnia store manager, along with the rest of the team, Gavin, Tiffany-Chan, Catherine and Katie, who were all eager to get started, and start familiarizing the UK with our double shot of premium Fairtrade coffee. Be sure to stop in and say hello to the guys if you are in Debenhams doing a spot of shopping.    


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