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10 Feb2016 Ireland has a new shade of green - Matcha

Ireland has a new shade of green - Matcha

A new shade of green has taken the country by storm and it goes by the name of Matcha. However, the “new” phenomenon is not very new at all; in fact Matcha has been around since the 12th century, most famously used by Japanese Buddhist monks for tea ceremonies.  But what’s all the hype surrounding it? Fortunately for you, we know more than enough to help you boost your matcha knowledge!

Energy Boost

Matcha provides long lasting clean energy. Samurai warriors and martial arts fighters often drank Matcha before battles due to its effective and lasting energy boost. The difference between this energy and the energy you get from coffee is due to the amino acid L-Theanine.  This releases the caffeine slowly into your system, so you avoid the associated side effects of caffeine peaks and crashes such as headaches. If it’s good enough for Japanese warriors to win combats, it’s enough to get us through a slump Monday at work!

Calming Buzz

Monks loved matcha because it helped them to relax and meditate, while still maintaining focus. That’s the great and unusual thing about it; it has the power to energise your body and keep you calm and focused at the same time! Monks may not have dealt with the stress accompanied with a 9 to 5 job, but they sure knew a lot about living long, chilled out lives.

Cancer Prevention

Catechins are antioxidants. The catechin EGCg has the most powerful and effective cancer fighting properties. 60% of the catechin content of matcha tea is EGCg. Matcha is the drink with super powers!

Weight Loss 

The Catechins promote and prolong fat oxidation which burns body fat. Matcha is effectively calorie free, as a typical serving only has about 3 calories. As well as aiding weight loss, the long lasting energy Matcha releases in the body helps stimulate longer and more durable training - in fact it can last up to 5 hours - Making matcha your perfect gym buddy!

Feel Good Mood

As mentioned before, L-theanine has the incredible ability to relax and focus the mind. This means you can get a super amount done, in a chilled out peaceful mindset.
Productivity + calm vibes = happy mood, the perfect equation for an efficient day at work! 

There are lots of different ways to experiment and taste matcha; in a smoothie, blended into a cake mix, sprinkled over a yoghurt or fruit etc. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the hassle out of needing to DIY your Matcha fix with our Matcha porridge and yummy matcha latte available across all of our stores. 


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