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27 Feb2023 Join us this Fairtrade Fortnight 2023!

Join us this Fairtrade Fortnight 2023!

Fairtrade Fortnight kicks off today as we at Insomnia are celebrating 17 years of having 100% Fairtrade Coffee! 

Being Fairtrade certified means that the coffee was produced according to international Fairtrade standards and it’s socially and economically fair, including the payment of a minimum price to the coffee farmers. In addition, workers and farmers receive an additional sum of money called the Fairtrade premium. This money goes to a communal fund to be used as they see fit to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

Every year during Fairtrade Fortnight we support a nominated Insomnia Community project and donate 5 cents from each hot beverage sold during that period. To date we have raised over €190,000.

This year, all funds raised between February 27th and March 12th, will go directly to the Coffee Cooperative of Olancho Limited (COCAOL) in Honduras to provide equipment to create a sustainable and environmental friendly business for honey production.

The amount raised will contribute to:

. Providing equipment to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly business for honey production

. Diversify sources of income for male and female coffee farmers

. Environmental protection through the production of honey by breeding and keeping bees

The coffee cooperative of Olancho Limited (COCAOL) was established on November 15th, 1968, at the initiative of a group of coffee producers in order to access better conditions of productive infrastructure, better marketing channels and access to financial sources.

COCAOL obtained legal status on May 23, 1969, benefiting its associates with a range of services such as coffee drying and transportation and organic agricultural. It also made efforts to train its associates in various issues related to coffee farming and cooperativism.


The coffee farms of the cooperative are located in the Sierra de Agalta National Park at altitudes of 1000 to 1500 meters above sea level under natural shade primary forests and includes 55 men and 30 women.

The funds raised during this Fairtrade Fortnight will help the COCAOL Co-op coffee farmers to diversify their sources of income, which ultimately will improve business capacity and empower the community.

None of this will be possible without your support, so please join us this year!


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