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12 Mar2020 Let us tempt you with our most indulgent Hot Chocolates yet!

Let us tempt you with our most indulgent Hot Chocolates yet!

Insomnia is delighted to announce the launch of our New Chocolate menu. We're incredibly excited to launch our first Vegan Hot Chocolate made from 100% cocoa. Trust us when we say it's just as good as our Signature Hot Chocolate, which is no mean feat! Our Ruby Hot Chocolate will also be returning to tantalise your taste buds. Our bakery collection is equally tempting with three tasty new treats to choose from and the return of last years sell out product - the Bueno Brownie.

Hot Chocolates

Vegan Hot Chocolate 

Our Vegan Hot Chocolate is 100% pure unsweetened cocoa. It is made from roasted cocoa beans and trust us when we say it has the same chocolatey taste of our signature Hot Chocolate! The roasted cocoa gives a pleasant bitterness and decadent, velvety feel. We have paired it with salted caramel to add a touch of sweetness. We are sure everyone will fall in love with the indulgent, full bodied chocolate taste of our Vegan Hot Chocolate. 

Ruby Hot Chocolate 

This little gem is back! Our delightfully dedicant Ruby Hot Chocolate made its debut last year and has been a firm favourite ever since. Born from the Ruby Cocoa Bean, the Ruby Hot Chocolate unlocks the flavour and colour tone naturally presented in the Ruby bean. Ruby is the 4th type of chocolate alongside Dark, Milk and White chocolate. Our Ruby Hot Chocolate is an intense sensorial delight, a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness and one not to miss! 

Signature Hot Chocolate

Our signature hot chocolate is a huge favourite amongst chocolate lovers and with reason! It is made with real Belgian chocolate, melted down into a rich decadent chocolate sauce, whisked with freshly steamed milk and topped off with your choice of chocolate flakes, marshmallows or a swirl of whipped cream.

Cookie Hot Chocolate 

Our delicious Real Belgian Chocolate is blended with steamed milk and cookie crumble, it’s just like your favourite but with cookies, heaven in a cup! 

Our barista’s are happy to add whipped cream, marshmallows or chocolate flakes to any of your drinks for no extra charge, all you have to do is ask as you place your order! 

Bakery Range 

We have some very exciting new additions to our bakery range to tempt you to try something new! So, whether you're relaxing with a coffee in one of our stores or grabbing a treat to go, we’ve got just the tasty to accompany your favourite coffee.

Ruby Brownie

Enjoy a rich Belgian chocolate brownie with a ruby chocolate topping and finished with a ruby flavoured drizzle and a sprinkling of raspberries. Pair with our Ruby Hot Chocolate for the ultimate Ruby treat. 

Bueno Brownie

You asked, we delivered! Our most popular brownie from last year is back! Enjoy a dedicant chocolate fudge brownie with a smooth hazelnut centre and topped with milk and white chocolate marbling. We just know you’ll be back for more!

Baked Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie

A little slice of heaven in every bite, this rich fudge brownie is topped with baked vanilla cheesecake and finished with a raspberry swirl. Trust is when we say it is as drool worthy as it sounds! 

Vegan Bar 

A tasty vegan treat, enjoy a peanut and oat base topped with a rich vegan friendly fudge topping.


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