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08 Mar2016 Montrose home to Insomnia Coffee

Montrose home to Insomnia Coffee

Opening in a new area gives us the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and try out different interiors and designs within our stores. I was really looking forward to this site (I never thought this would be my last opening for Insomnia so I'll surely be teary eyed tomorrow!) because it's such a busy location, it will attract a wide range of customers. With its proximity to UCD I felt it was an opportunity to try something a little different, surely students will appreciate a funky space to get creative! 

I travel a lot and last year I was in Portugal, Spain and Greece and something that has not escaped me since is the mosaics and patterned tiles. I absolutely fell for these and thought if I can find some in a less vibrant colour palette they would work great for a store. We managed to source some light grey patterned tiles which look a lot less Mediterranean beach and a lot more in place for a new Insomnia on N11. 

With students just upstairs I thought that a communal table would be a nice touch and will help those group assignments (along with some gossip) over a good cup of coffee. As well as that, there is free wifi and power points all around the store so you can stay connected!

The front of the store has some very stylish black, grey and white furniture and offers a little bit of privacy. N11 is a route for many busy business people into town and we thought this area would be perfect for a quick meeting or catch up.

You might notice that this store has a slightly different feel to it. Most Insomnia stores to date have black ceilings and cream walls. I wanted to try something different in this space. The site originally had a very dark look and feel with the low hanging beams. Sticking with our traditional colour palette wouldn't help so instead we kept the ceiling white (our contractor doesn't necessarily like us for this one as it seriously added to their workload) and kept the walls in grey shades with a few pops of green. This really lifted the space and have it a fresh and modern feel. 

We also introduced the bigger sandwich cabinet here to keep our neighbours full and happy!  

Check out our video below to see the initial stages of construction to the completed store!



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