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18 Jun2018 More than just cups, Insomnia launches Mission Compostable

More than just cups, Insomnia launches Mission Compostable

Leading the way Insomnia Coffee Chain have launched Mission Compostable (#missioncompostable), an integrated instore sustainability programme which will, by 2020, divert 15 million takeaway coffee cups and 20 million single use items such as plastic straws, plastic cups and plastic cutlery from landfill.

From today, Monday, 18th June, across over 150 stores and an additional 400 self service units in Ireland all take away coffee cups become compostable and plastic straws become paper. Insomnia is also the first Irish Coffee Chain to rollout the installation of segregated compostable bins in stores. These bins will also take any used compostable cup (including those from other coffee companies) making it easy for people to make sure their cups are sent for composting. The Insomnia compostable cup can be disposed in the brown bin at home and the lids in the recyclable green bin.

Insomnia has made a significant investment and has taken a strategic approach to reduce the impact on the environment and in doing so to have a positive effect on the communities in which they work.

Mission Compostable has targeted 2020 goals which include the replacing of all single use items with sustainable alternatives including disposable cutlery which will change to compostable. Insomnia will also roll out compostable ice drink tumblers and water cups by the end of August.

Launching Mission Compostable Duncan Stewart has said "Despite the perception that many companies are driving green programmes the reality is it takes brands like Insomnia to lead the way.  Not launching something that is going to happen but something that is happening. Mission Compostable will have a direct and positive impact on the environment from the get go while the 2020 targets are impressive, and a massive step forward towards a cleaner environment".

Insomnia CEO Harry O'Kelly has been the key driver of the Mission Compostable programme "Insomnia has always been a company that is connected and aware of its surrounds.  We have been planning our Mission Compostable programme for over a year and made a significant investment in its rollout. We work with fantastic suppliers Zeus Packaging and Keywaste to make this possible.  We have been Fairtrade Certified since 2006 serving 100% Fairtrade Coffee and supporting Fairtrade Community Projects since that year.  

"We reward customers for using reusable cups, with extra points which equates to a discount of 20 cents, we give away our coffee grounds for customers to reuse and we ensure our stores continue to improve its energy efficiency with a number of energy reducing elements. Mission Compostable is a tangible and deliverable programme for the benefit of all".

Eamon Ryan TD and Green Party leader is enthusiastic "The Insomnia launch of Mission Compostable fits perfectly with our Protection of the Natural Environment mandate. We want to see Ireland blossom with healthy soils, water and air and it is only with significant and tangible campaigns like Mission Compostable from Insomnia will we move towards achieving those goals for the benefit of all".

Insomnia were joined today at the launch of the compostable cups by Duncan Stewart, Eamon Ryan, Holly White and the 2fm Breakfast Republic team. Not only were the Insomnia team handing out free coffees to people on their way to work but Insomnia will also be giving away a year's worth of free coffee to 5 lucky Breakfast Republic listeners this week.

As well the initative to change all single use items to sustainable alteratives, Insomnia already provides customers with free coffee grounds which can be reused for a number of things from gardening, exfoliation, natural abrasion, candles, smell absorption, dye, soap and more.  All you have to do is pick up a bag when your next instore getting your Fairtrade Coffee in your new compostable cup and disposing of your waste in the compostable bins! To find out more about Insomnia's #missioncompostable goals go to: http://www.insomnia.ie/who-we-are/sustainability


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