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22 Apr2016 New life to your coffee grounds

New life to your coffee grounds

The great taste in your morning mochas, lunch lattes and evening espressos is not the only good thing our little coffee beans can do. After your delicious beverage, the used coffee grounds can provide a handful of uses. Have a look at our list below to see why coffee grounds are worth keeping.

Richer Soil

Used coffee grounds provide essential nutrition that improves soil quality. As they degrade, they release nitrogen, and some slight acid into the soil. Composted soil with coffee grounds is richer, with a soft texture. You can use them all year round for fertilizing and composting.

For your furry friends

By mixing coffee grounds with your pet’s shampoo, the solution will soften their fur and give it a nice sheen. As well as that, it also acts as a natural repellent for fleas.

Fresh smellin’ Fridge 

Put some coffee grounds in a bowl in your fridge to neutralize the mixture of odours. The grounds act as a deodorizer by gradually absorbing unwanted scents.

Because your worth it

Look no further than your coffee grounds for sleek shiny locks. Add some into your shampoo or use directly on your hair as the grounds help strip hair build-up.

Your own skincare range

Embrace your inner DIY skills and shape up some good ole fashioned skin scrubs and exfoliators using coffee grounds. They remove dead skin cells, leaving you with fresher looking skin. Wallah!

Slug Stopper

Slugs, snails and other plant eating creatures don’t like the acidity in coffee. Sprinkle them around your plants as a protective shield from these little guys!

Hide furniture scratches

Mix some coffee grounds with oil over scratches on wood – a good tip is to use a cotton bud to get the exact area. Eventually the scratches will disappear – hey presto!

All of our stores have bags of coffee grounds for you to take home for free! By offering these bags to you we are accomplishing two goals: reducing landfill and helping the environment! It’s a win win for everyone. We are very happy to be a part of this year's Clare Garden Festival and are offering all garden lovers a 10% discount in our Ennis store in association with the festival.


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