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07 Jan2016 New Year, New Range

Insomnia New Year Range Has Arrived

The Christmas period has bid us farewell for another year, but fear not as Insomnia have a brand new range for you to start 2016 off the right way, we have introduced some new tasty treats and brought back some of your old favourites that are sure to tempt your taste buds. Our new range is available in-store now so why not brush away those January blues with a guilt free delight or kick start your day with our antioxidant enriched Matcha products.

The Power Of Matcha

Once again this year we are trying to inform all of our customers of the metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune-boosting, cholesterol-lowering, cancer fighter, which is of course, Matcha. Insomnia were one of the first coffee shops in Ireland to introduce Matcha and year on year we see it become more popular. Some of the benefits of Matcha you can find below:

  • Cancer preventer
  • Anti-Ager
  • Lowers "bad" Cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxifier
  • Mind improver
  • Fibre
  • Energy enhancer

As part of our New Year range, we are encouraging people to try for themselves the powers of Matcha, with two options available; Vanilla Matcha Latte and Matcha Porridge.

Our new range also sees the introduction of our Organic Chumnee Lemon Green Tea, which also brings with it many health benefits, which include healthier skin, weight loss, and crammed full of antioxidants.

The Most Important Meal of the Day 

Be sure to start your day the best way possible, with a Vanilla Matcha Latte and bowl of Matcha Porridge. Likewise, you can have our standard bowl of porridge for just €1.50 with a number of delicious toppings to choose from; fresh fruit pieces, juicy raisins, honey, almond flakes, or chocolate drops.  

Tempting Treats

The countdown to the New Year has arrived and with it so have many good intentions for the coming months and Insomnia want to help. We’ve added a new bakery product from our friends at 250Kal, the ‘Chocolate & Orange Cake’, to go with our ever popular Pear and Berry Bakewell products, all coming in under 250 calories, allowing you to add a little indulgence with your coffee without all the unordered guilt. 250Kal products are made with natural ingredients, are low in calories, free from refined sugar and contain no artificial stuff! The 250Kal range of healthy treats helps reduce sugar consumption, with less calories, while tasting every bit as good as their full-sugar/calorie equivalents.

The three 250Kal bakery range, along with our Raspberry & Almond flourless Cake should give your sweet tooth what it’s looking for, without compromising any goals you’ve set to achieve over the next couple of months.

Super Soups

Winter is coming…seemingly, with this winter yet to dish out any really cold weather, you get the sense that it is only a matter of time before we experience a touch of frost which will leave us chilled to the bone, and in need of something tasty and warm to heat us back up. That’s where our soup range will come in more than handy. Until the cold weather arrives, you can just enjoy our soup for all the tasty, nutritious benefits it offers, available daily, with a wide variety to choose from.


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