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07 Jan2016 New Year, New Store - Insomnia in Killester

New Year, New beginnings, New store!

When I went to see the site for the first time with Harry he mentioned to remain open minded. That’s always a warning sign to me. That could mean anything from concrete slab floors that can’t be traced and will be a headache throughout the project to ‘gem’ of a dampness issue!!

This was different though. The site was in a good condition, suitably sized and well located within a lovely buzzing neighbourhood. I am a Dublin North sider but this was one of my first visits to Killester and I was already planning to buy a house there.


I was about to ask what the problem is when Harry called me over to the back door and through to the outside back area. ‘And this, this will be the best part, we might even have a fountain here!’. I have a lot of imagination but I’ll be honest, I struggled. We were at the back of some offices & restaurants, walled back gardens and it was far from tranquil.  

As the project and works unfolded we have slowly made progress on opening up the back of the site. This lets a lot of natural light in and created a lovely flow to the store. Once the labyrinth of fire escape routes at the back was resolved, a lovely wooden deck was laid down.

With comfortable earthy coloured seats to the front of the store, some natural brick and wood on the walls, extra-long counter to display rows of freshly baked pastries and the light sipping through from the back, this is one of the cosiest neighbourhood stores we opened recently.

The back porch is a hidden gem with sun throughout the day. There is still a lot of work to decide what we’ll do there to make the most of it but you can enjoy it from today and who knows, in a few months, we may even have a fountain.



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