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22 Dec2018 Next stop Coffee!

Next stop Coffee!

Today is an exciting day for all the Insomnia team as we’ve opened in Heuston Station, Dublin!

Heuston Station is one of Ireland’s main railway stations, linking the capital with the south, southwest and west – it’s also one of the busiest stations in city centre, especially during the Christmas season!

December is probably one of the busiest months in Heuston Station, many people take the train to go home for Christmas and meet their dear ones for the festive season. Whether you’re waiting for friends and family or simply waiting to catch the train to go home, this is the place to enjoy a cup of coffee and unwind for a few minutes, and since we’re opening just in time for Christmas, why not treat yourself to a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate and a Mince pie?

To take care of all customers and orders, we will have a full team of 8 employers, some of them new to the Insomnia team and others who are already familiar with our Fairtrade coffee. David, who has been working with Insomnia for a few years as store manager in Stephens Green, will be the new store manager in Heuston Station and is thrilled with the new opening!

Dylan Quinn, has previously worked with Insomnia for 2 years in Abbey Street and Liffey Street and is super excited to be moving to a new location and meet new customers! We asked Dylan today why did he chose to work with Insomnia “I love everything about the job, from the products, the amazing coffee and the company itself.”, he also said “I believe it will be a very busy shop, with many customers coming in and out of the station and with the proximity to tourist attractions.”

Vanessa Cardoso, who has been part of our team from 7 months (previously worked in St. Stephens Green) is thrilled with the opening and said this morning “I leave nearby and I know it will be a success store as we have the best coffee in the city!”

This year our Christmas Cups theme is “A Story In Every Cup” and most likely there will be a story behind every cup of coffee served in Heuston Station – either you’re anxiously waiting for friends; thrilled to be going home to your family or meeting a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time… Either way, enjoy this moment with a cup of coffee to create memories that you will never forget.

If you’re going in Heuston Station from the main entrance, you can find us on your right side, next to Eason. We’re opening until late, so pop in any time for coffee, lunch or a latte snack!


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