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30 Jun2017 Peru Fairtrade Community Project Progress Report

Peru Fairtrade Community Project Progress Report

Insomnia have been involved in Fairtrade Fortnight for the past 8 years, with numerous community projects along the way. We have contributed a total of €92,179 for our various Fairtrade Community Projects during this time.

This year, during Fairtrade Fortnight, we raised €14,305, which will go directly to the ACPC Pichanaki Coffee Cooperative (CAC PICHANAKI ACPC), in Peru, our latest Fairtrade Community Project.

This project will contribute to the construction of a Youth Centre for young members and the children of members and workers involved in production of Fairtrade certified coffee in Peru. ACPC Pichanaki Agrarian Coffee Cooperative is an organisation of 302 coffee producers and as part of its effort the cooperative believes that is essential to involve its young members and the children of its members, encouraging their commitment to the organisation. This new Youth Centre will be very important for the community allowing the following activities:

  • Facilitate the training of young coffee growers in the Junin region, with a view to including youth in the coffee business
  • Develop events, courses in technical training and business management for young members of the coffee organisations
  • Develop cultural events for youth.

We are 6 months into this project, and we are incredibly pleased to report that construction of the build is over 60% complete. 

We have received a number of photos of the progress, which we are pleased to be able to show you, after all, without the support of our customers, this project would not be possible.


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