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22 Feb2021 Promoting leadership and Youth entrepreneurship during this Faritrade Fortnight

Promoting leadership and Youth entrepreneurship during this Faritrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight kicks off today and we're celebrating 15 years of having 100% Fairtrade Coffee! 

Being Fairtrade certified means that the coffee was produced according to international Fairtrade standards and it’s socially and economically fair, including the payment of a minimum price to the coffee farmers. In addition workers and farmers receive an additional sum of money called the Fairtrade premium. This money goes to a communal fund to be used as they see fit to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

Every year during Fairtrade Fortnight we support a nominated Insomnia Community project and donate 5 pence from each hot beverage sold during that period. To date we have raised over £130,000.

This year, all funds raised between February 22nd and March 7th, will go directly to the COCAFCAL Co-op to promote leadership and Youth entrepreneurship.

The amount raised during these two weeks will provide:

  • Accredited diploma programmes in leadership and business management.
  • Training future coffee producers of the cooperative and successful entrepreneurs.
  • The development and sustainable growth of small enterprises in the community.

The Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada, commonly known as COCAFCAL or simply, Capucas, was founded by Omar Rodríguez Interiano in 1999 in Las Capucas, western Honduras.
Once an established coffee producer, Rodríguez decided to share his knowledge with other coffee growers in the region, forming the cooperative.

Today, the organization is made up of 359 small-scale coffee producers, of which 18% are women.

Widely known in the coffee industry, COCAFCAL works to promote sustainable development and support the local economy. As a part of their mission, the organization aims to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in rural communities throughout the region.

The funds raised during Fairtrade Fortnight will ensure the youth of COCAFCAL cooperative will be empowered to tale leadership in the coffee business in their region and carry on their families work within the coffee industry.

None of this will be possible without your support, so please join us this year. 


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