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21 Feb2018 Random Acts of Kindness Day 2018 with Insomnia

Random Acts of Kindness Day 2018 with Insomnia

Random Acts of Kindness Day came to fruition thanks to the brilliant minds behind the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, who created a global initiative which takes place in February each year with the aim of encouraging people to spread a little kindness. They say that being kind is contagious, so your decision to perform even one kind act can spread exponentially and cause a wave of generosity. One of Insomnia’s mottos is “Love being Kind because we all love surprises!” so it’s only fitting that we take part in this day. 

This year we wanted to take part in the activities and give something away in our effort to spread the kindness and surprise some of our lovely customers and people passing by our stores. Over 150 Insomnia stores across Ireland and the UK participated in handing out vouchers for free coffee, muffins and hot chocolates on Random Acts of Kindness Day, which was held on Saturday 17th February. Not only did it bring a smile to loads of faces (because who doesn’t loves an unexpected free treat) but it also allowed us a chance to connect with the community outside our stores and get some helpful feedback on our brand. We were delighted with the positive response we received.

To find out more about our efforts to meet our sustainability and social responsibilities in 2018 click here.

Love being Kind because we all love surprises!


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