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23 May2017 St. Stephens Green reopened with a new look

St. Stephens Green reopened with a new look

Summer has arrived and brought us not only the new delicious summer drinks but also a completely refurbished store – St. Stephens Green!

St Stephens Green reopened last week after a huge makeover, the store has now a new comfy sitting area, perfect for a quick meeting or catch up with friends.

The new store design incorporates natural wood, granite and brick finishes with a retro vintage feel through quirky fun branding and wall features.

The main feature in the St Stephens Green is defined by the decadent ceiling, which is cladded in decorative tin tiles of various metallic finishes. We choose the ceiling as a focal point in order to build on, and enhance, the Georgian style of the building.

The interior design scheme uses a combination of vintage and industrial elements to create an eclectic but contemporary overall look.

“It’s hard to believe this is the same store that I started in 21 years ago. What used to be a dull and plain store has been transformed into an enchanting showpiece through the use of a colourful and authentic theme.

As we continue to expand into different markets, we realized pretty quickly that having a one-size-fits-all design really isn’t very effective," Insomnia CEO Harry O ‘Kelly said. "We want to be where the customer is, and we want to reflect the community we’re going into."

After 14 years, St. Stephens Green Insomnia store is now up for a fresh start and ready to welcome you back!


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