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07 Jan2015 Start Your New Year With Insomnia

2015 New Year Range

[caption id="attachment_9675" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_8676 Insomnia's New Year Range[/caption]

The holidays are officially over, Santa, along with our Christmas Range has been and gone, we hope you enjoyed it. We have rung in the New Year in style and with it comes our new New Year Range! We have many exciting new products and a couple of old time favorites back to accompany our new range.

Time To Meet Your Matcha!

[caption id="attachment_9673" align="alignright" width="200"]Matcha Latte Matcha Latte[/caption]

Each new year, after the festive season we tend to have a more health conscious attitude, and here at Insomnia we want to help! This season we will be reintroducing our customers to Matcha Green Tea and outlining its benefits, to which there are plenty! Insomnia were one of the first coffee outlets to offer this metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune-boosting, cholesterol-lowering cup of green deliciousness last year, and this year we welcome it back to our stores, with one or two subtle improvements to our recipe.


As mentioned above there are several health benefits to drinking this tea, not least the antioxidant content. One cup of Matcha Green tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular tea, 6 times that of Goji Berries, 7 times that of dark chocolate, 17 times that of wild blueberries and a staggering 60 times that of Spinach. And that's not all, Matcha’s magnificence makes a long list of benefits:

  1.  Heart Disease Prevention: lowers LDL Cholesterol
  2. Anti-Ager
  3. Weight Loss Aid
  4. Detoxifier
  5. Mind Improver
  6. Fibrous
  7. Energy Booster

Will You Have A Cuppa Tea?

[caption id="attachment_9665" align="alignright" width="200"]Herbal Tea_8535 Solaris Retail Tea Packs[/caption] Try our Solaris herbal tea's, we have a wide variety to choose from, all available to buy in retail packs from our stores, so you can bring home the wonderful flavours, to which there are 9 different options, all with a unique blend and taste.

 What Makes Solaris Tea Different?

  • Solaris Tea is Certified Organic.
  • Using only Whole-leaf tea, Solaris Tea retains 95% more Antioxidants than ordinary tea.
  • Hand picked from the Spring Flush (first harvest) to ensure optimal freshness and a high vitamin content.
  • Does not contain any artificial flavours, colours or aromas – only natural ingredients.
  • Teas are in silken teabags made from organic corn starch.
  • The tea envelope and the teabag are 100% biodegradable.

[caption id="attachment_9669" align="alignleft" width="199"]Insomnia Porridge Insomnia Porridge & Toppings[/caption]


The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Many people tend to struggle for time to eat breakfast, as morning times are usually rather frantic affairs, this isn't made any easier with New Years resolutions, trying to eat more healthy. That's where we can help.   Porridge, as everyone knows is full of all the right stuff, one of the healthier breakfast options, its high in fiber, high protein content and helps to stabilize your blood sugar, the perfect foundation to tackle your day! We will also be offering Matcha porridge this season, which includes all the same benefits as listed above for our Matcha latte.     [caption id="attachment_9670" align="alignright" width="200"]IMG_8645 Ham & Swiss Croissant + Pesto & Mozzarella Croissant[/caption]   Looking for something quick and easy for breakfast or lunch? We have you covered, pick up our delicious Ham & Swiss Croissant or our Pesto & Mozzarella Croissant.   Our patisserie range is also an ideal option for breakfast, with a wide variety for our customers to choose from. You can avail of our meal deal offer, of a pastry/scone and any hot beverage for just €3.95.   [caption id="attachment_9674" align="alignleft" width="200"]Rasberry Cake_8560 Flourless Raspberry & Almond Cake[/caption]   With every new Range we like to introduce new products, or bring back an old time favourite, and this New Year is no different, with the introduction our new Flourless Raspberry & Almond Cake, which is not only divine but also only 321 calories, ideal for those who want to be good, yet treat themselves once in a while. We are bringing back two old time customer favourites, the Hazelnut & Caramel Tartlet and the delicious Chocolate Corruption. Be sure and drop into any of our stores from today (07/01/2015) and try our all new New Year Range! For a list of nutritional information on our New Year range, click HERE Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news offers & information about Insomnia Coffee Company.


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