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15 Dec2011 Store Profile: Insomnia 70-72 Talbot Street @ Spar

Our Insomnia store at 70-72 Talbot Street Spar is featured on our Facebook page this December 2011. Check it out here or alternatively find the Q & A with our Talbot Street manager Ewelina and some lovely store photos below.

Ewelina, Manager at Insomnia 70-72 Talbot  Street @ Spar 

-How many baristas do you manage?
Excluding myself there are three other fine baristas and together we are a great team.
-How long have you been in Ireland and with Insomnia?
I came to Ireland from Poland, because I always wanted to visit this country. My original plan was to just stay here for a couple of weeks holidays, but that was five years ago and I'm still here! Ireland is really a great country. Half a year after I arrived I started working for Insomnia Coffee Company. I never expected that making coffee could be so interesting. After working as a Barista for two years Insomnia encouraged me to participate in the Irish Barista Championship. Attending training in preparation for the competition I met great people and it gave me an even more in depth understanding about making a truly great coffee. Although it was hard work I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t win the competition, but I got priceless experience and I realised how much I enjoy my work.
-What Insomnia beverage, sandwich or pastry would you suggest to customers to try and why?
I would recommend our fresh pastry with a great Latte; which is our most popular coffee. In my shop we focus on nice service, which attracts many people. I remember once one of the Irish Independent's photographer bought everyone a coffee to celebrate his newborn child! I encourage all of you to visit our coffee shop, we’re more than happy to welcome you!                                            

Welcome at Insomnia 70-72 Talbot Street @Spar. Plenty of seating of your choice: either at the bar with street-view or at a table


                                                                    Meet some of our lovely barista's

                                                     Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7-19, Sat 7-19, Sun 9-18

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