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15 Feb2012 Store Profile: Insomnia Kilmainham @ Eurospar

Our Insomnia store in Kilmainham is featured on our  Facebook page this February 2012. Check it out here  or alternatively find the Q & A with our  Kilmainham manager Brigita and some lovely store photos below.

 Brigita, Kilmainham  manager

-What do you like best about working at Insomnia? My staff and my daily customers. We always do our best to make them smile and to give them a good start of the day with a lovely cup of coffee in their hands. We have a great atmosphere  in this store, we always have nice conversations with our customers and fun while working together. I am glad to see our customers coming back every day. -What Insomnia beverage, sandwich or pastry would you suggest to customers to try and why? In the last few months I always recommended, and I will keep on recommending, my customers to treat themselves with a pecan slice – I just love it, what a taste! -What is the most popular beverage ordered at your Insomnia store? The most popular beverage, I would say, is Latte. Our customers are always happy to get nice art on their cup of Latte. -Are there any celebrity customers that visit your Insomnia store? Unfortunately not, but they have to know they are always welcome. We provide the best customer service at Insomnia in Kilmainham. Regardless if you are famous or not, you are more than welcome to come in for a great cup of coffee and a chat!  


       Take a break in our store and enjoy the bright and large seating area @Insomnia in Kilmainham.


Meet our lovely team at Insomnia Kilmainham (main picture from left to right: Barista Evelina, Manager Brigita and Barista Aldona.)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm, Sat: 8am-8pm, Sun: 8am-8pm.

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