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29 Jun2020 Summer is finally here!

Summer is finally here!

Summer 2020 is finally here! Hasn't this been both the longest and slowest few months ever?! Despite our in store experience being a little different than normal, we are still committed to giving you your favourite summer drinks! So although your summer 2020 holiday plans may be put on pause for a while, you can still get into the summer spirit with our refreshing lemonades, delicious ice teas and frappe ICECAPS! We're going back to basics with this year's summer menu.  

Traditional Lemonade

This is the ultimate refresher for a hot summer's day that will have you transported to a tropical beach upon first sip. A classic iced drink that everyone will enjoy!

Raspberry Lemonade

Another delicious, light and refreshing summer lemonade with a raspberry twist. 

Peach Iced Tea

​Peach + iced tea = match made in heaven. This drink has a lovely sweet and fruity flavour without being too overpowering. It's sure to hit the spot on a summer day. 


Frappe Latte ICECAP 

A new ICECAP to the family for all the coffee lovers out there! Made from x2 shots of coffee, milk and vanilla frappe powder blended with ice, and choice of cream for the top. 


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